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The Blueprint Birmingham Plan

This is Blueprint Birmingham, a long-term strategy that leverages the Birmingham region's past successes and current capacity to effectively position a community to enjoy sustainable, balanced and equitable growth.

  Blueprint Birmingham (1.4mb)


This is a guide to locating various organizations and topics discussed in Blueprint Birmingham.

  Index (1.2mb)

competitive Analysis

An examination of the Birmingham region's strengths and challenges to establish its competitive position. This analysis utilized quantitative and qualitative data, including stakeholder input through interviews, focus groups and an on-line survey.

  Competitive Analysis (4.9mb)

Target sector Analysis

An assessment of the Birmingham region's unique attributes of the region's workforce business sector composition to confirm existing job targets and identify potential opportunities.

  Target Sector Analysis (4mb)

  Target Sector Analysis, Data Appendix (2.5mb)

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about Blueprint Birmingham.

  Frequently Asked Questions (860kb)